What can this website do?

I'm a Secondary School Maths Teacher but my undergraduate degree was in Computer Programming. I've been taking a break from the classroom this year to write some resources using my programming skills to try and make some solutions to problems that wasted a lot of my time in the classroom.

  • The first thing I've made is a set of basic lessons to show on your interactive whiteboard. There's starter tasks on prerequisite skills, a touchscreen writing area, multiple choice questions, matching questions/answers and a self marking worksheet.

  • My aim is that this makes a complete lesson on each topic, saving planning time for teachers to add to what I've made and produce the more interesting parts of the lesson such as problem solving. Because the questions are procedurally generated, each activity is reusable if a class needs more time on something. The questions change each time so there's a practically infinite set of questions which could appear!

    In the future I am going to add more types of activities so that what can be delivered to students using this website is more varied. I've got a few already planned or designed but I'm going to keep it to five activities for now to make bug fixing and implementing feedback easier. I'm also going to look at having a carefully selected set of questions appear first before the random questions start to appear.

  • The second thing I've made is an app for smartphones with the procedurally generated questions for students to do, an area for them to write their working on and the ability to have the app mark their work.

  • My aim is that students can use this for homework, revision or even in the classroom. You can find a test version here that runs in a web browser but I've got a private version on Google Play for Android phones/tablets which I will release soon.

    In the future I want to link YouTube videos to teach each topic and have the ability to download the question/working/answer so that it can be saved or printed, letting teachers see what work has been done.

  • Coming next is the ability to mix questions from different topics to make user designed starter tasks and assessments for teachers, or track the data of student users to use a form of AI to suggest what they should work on next.

  • I need to keep the list of features under control if I'm ever going to release anything useable, so before I work on these planned features I'll be busy finishing topics like Transformations, Probability and Statistics which I don't have any lessons for yet.

Thanks for reading and having a look at my work. If you have any feedback then get in touch, I know there are several display bugs to work on (see the list in the post below) but I'd like to hear about ways I could tweak this to be more useful.

I'm not sure how I'm going to fund this work so suggestions on that would be welcome too, I could run advertisements, have a subscription to access resources, set up crowdfunding or just fund it myself and do tutoring in the evenings.

If you like my website then I'd also appreciate it if you share it with other teachers either in your department or online!

Known Issues

Known issues which are being worked on:

  • Starter questions don't line up with a mix of diagram and non diagram questions.
  • Timers are placeholders and not adjusted for question difficulty.
  • Some Multiple Choice answers missing.
  • Self marking boxes don't have options when the answer is a diagram.
  • Some diagram based answers in algebra replace the question or are not aligned properly.
  • Some answer boxes are too small.
  • Many statistics questions do not have correct grammar.
  • Some line graph questions have incorrect answers.